I love You Ozzy (unluvedbia) wrote,
I love You Ozzy

baby its so simple

ok so my weekend was alright. i just stayed home on friday and worked on saturday and sunday i went over my cousins house for her 18th birthday! then i came home and did my homework til 12 and went to bed around 12:30. yup.

so today:

well i dont kno whats going on yet. i might end up going to the mall with my mommy, haha mommy. wow. well yeah i got some clothes i wanna buy and she has money, and i gotta getta new bikini. even tho i have like 3, but they are old now. so yeah. i llove new and expensive clothing. yup... well ive probably said this about a million times today so lets make it a million and one. i MISS ozzy. ah i havnt seen him in oh so long. its been like years...well actually 4 days to be persice. yup. well i think this is the end of my entry for now or until later when i decided to update.
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