I love You Ozzy (unluvedbia) wrote,
I love You Ozzy

..i smile when i get your phone call at night..

wow. i woke up early today taking that i went to sleep at 1. im really bored tho, there is like nothing to do. and there is seriously nothing to eat, i ate everything yesterday. i can like already feel my stomach eating itself. it like whoa. but yeah. im currently watching "THE FIRST KID" see how bored i am i gotta resort to the tv. blah. well at least i get to go to work today and see annie, my highlight of the weekend.

eh, im going to go watch tv, and maybe mae myself some food, since im hungry...you kno what that means..
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hey the first kid rocks!! it's soo funny lmao. yay seeing us is the highlight of my weekend too =) always fun to chat with u ;) lol i'm hungry as hell too
oh yeah it does. man.. only like 45 mins til i gotta go to work. ill see ya there. and my cuzin and his g/f were going to come in today but he cant get the car. but just you wait, one of these saturdays hes coming in! LOLZ

cya in like a few hours!

aww lol hahhahah niiice lmao yup had fun at work with u =) glad though i'm soo pissed off rite now... tell u next week or maybe later
aww..annie you shouldnt be unhappy. makes me sad to hear that bcuz i love you so much, and you being sad makes me sadder. i hope you resolve everything and hopefully you get (un)pissed. well ill talk to you later.
aww don't be sad. i don't want u to be sad =( be happy enough for the both of us=) that will cheer me up =) well i'll be fine and i hope so too =) i <3 u 2
oh yeahs, i had fun at work too, even tho we dint really getta talk.
lol i KNO!! that's pissing me off to no end lol