I love You Ozzy (unluvedbia) wrote,
I love You Ozzy


hm... this weeks me boring. i worked and stayed home and ate.

today is my g*pas bday.l so my cuzins are all coming over for a feast, whoop whoop not only is it his bday but is also myne and Ozzys ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY!! i cant believe its already been a month, i still remember when i first met him. and over this past month with him, my lifes been soo great. i couldnt ask for a better boyfriend. i love him so much. well anyways other for the happyness my mom is effing pissing me off. omg. im so dang serious. im about to just hit her. gezz..

ah well updating it later.

i get to spend the day with my baby tomorrow! yess!!!!!
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