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&&~my perfect day gone WRONG~&&

well today i woke up major earily. well more like 10. so i watched tv. like all those lil kiddy shows. LOL bcuz im cool like that. well i was like all happy and stuff bcuz i was exspecting to see my baby today. but yeah i ended up not getting to. i was soo bummed. i havnt seen him since.....WEDNESDAY....(i think)...ok its driving me INSANE! but, anyways...

....my cuzin came over. and we chillled. we went to mijers and was there for like 1hr30mins. i spent like 35 dollars there on food and oh hair stuff. then we went to famvid, we got i love huckabees. it was a WEIRD MOVIE, and i got a box of tagalongs from some Girl Scouts outside of famvid. well that was pretty much my day. eat and watch movies. and i took some really great pics on my phone...well funnie ones at least.

well tomorrow is going to be another one of those waste of my time boring days. i hate those. dang.

I MISS OZZY! 4 days have gone by...and its driving me bonkers! ah.
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