I love You Ozzy (unluvedbia) wrote,
I love You Ozzy

_::_its the first of the two weekend entries_::_

well its saturday, i woke up early today. and just sat around, ran, did some homework and did NOTHING. omg it was sooo boring. i sware it was. and then at like 3:45 i left and headed to work. got there at like um... 4. and then worked. Annie came in at 4:30 like always. we talked, "BOYS ARE ASSHOLE" but "there are those decent ones out there too" yup, then we ate dinner. had some lo mein NO MEAT in it and Kathy made us some strawberry dacqueries. too bad no alcohal annie. lol. but we ate and her mom came and got her at about 9:30. i was there til 10. then my dad had to go to mijers bcuz my mom told him to go buy some stuff. so i sat in the car for like 45 mins. boy was i freezing. so i called Ozzy in that 45 minutes of waiting in the car. i missed him too much today. i only talk to him for like less then an hour all togeter today. Makes me sad. well then i got home at like i dont even remember. and i took a shower and came online. first person i talked on AIM was ANNNIE. and then....i just did some homework. well ill probably finish all my homework and then head to bed or give Ozzy a call.

(-tomorrow im gunna go and hangout with ozzy, boy do i love him-)

i have never been soo happy in my life in a long time. i thought that losing my 2 bestfreinds would of been hard. but it doesnt prove much of anything. you lose friends and you make NEW ones. thats how life goes. you lose some things and then you get new ones. but it does make me think. what really sticks around forever? oh well. thats how life is and you gotta live with it. and im happy. i dotn think i'd change what happend. but oh well. all i gotta say is SMILE BECAUSE NOTHING IS GOING TO MAKE ME FROWN NOMORE...and its thanks to you BABY, i love you with all my heart!!
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