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ever since the day that i met you...

wow, this weekend went by soo fast. i mean i remember it being sunday and wishing it was tuesday so that i could see my baby. but omg its already friday. but fridays kinda suck. there is absolutly nothing to do. im so dead serious. well what did i do today...well i ate about like the most food i have ever eaten.

i ate:
* instent noodles
* bag of BBQ fritos
* chinese noodles
* a few pieces of fruit cake
* one bottle of diet cherry vanilla dr pepper
* a bottle of berry propel water
* 2 cans of pop
* and some chocolatechip cookie dough and brownie ice cream

wow thats alot, like seriously, i feel so fat. but thats ok. =) (ill probably end up eating more later on tonight too)

well this weekends a lil buzy for me. saturday i go to work. and then sunday going over my cuzins and then out to eat for her 18th birthday! dang shes getting old. oh well. i still love her. then my sisters 14th birthday is next friday. hopefully doing something then too.

i dont get to see my baby til tuesday. hes at his cuzins. dang I MISS HIM SOO MUCH RIGHT NOW
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aww lol hope ur fri shapes up =) and u are NOT FAT!! what are u talking bout!!! lol well hope u ahve a good morning tomorrow and i'll see u round 4 30 =) <3
my friday was still dull...but thats ok its saturday now. but omg did you see how much i ate! its insane.

cant wait to see you. hopefully it wont be another 4hrs of me in there and you out there!

lol not insaine. fun food=good =) lol

i know!! i would be soo pissed. =O lol ::shakes my fist::