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the sun rose and its still shining

well i havnt updated since *checking last entry* 09:42pm 27/02/2005 wow. that was a whiles ago. but well. lifes still great. i mean i cant complain. but lets start off with how things went this week.....well....

well i went to school. it was alright. i went down to the student services place in B house, bcuz Ms. Kovacs wanted to talk to me. it was a good talk. i mean i got to miss like 45 mins of DESIGN FOR LIVING i mean i felt bad i left daneila by herself. but it was soo good talking. i didnt get to see ozzy bcuz my dumb parents were home, so i went shopping. i went with my lil sister and he freind since i was the "babysitter" meaning i had to waste my shopping time and watch them two. eh. but oh well. i went to like everysingle store in the mall and i only bought two things in the last store i went into ... BEBE... aka. my FAVORITE store. spend a quick $78 on two shirts. i wanted a pair of shorts there too. but they dint have any smalls...only LARGES. oh well ill get them another day. they were REALLY cute. but then i went to subways bcuz im a pig and got some food and headed home. took a shower and ended my night with a phone call to my baby.

hmm... well school was long. i went down to student services twice today. i talked to Mrs. Colby and Mr. Tassioi or i dont kno how to spell his name. but yeah. it was alright. didnt have that much to talk to them about as i did with the one yesterday but oh well. hm.... afterschool.... i left with Ozzy, we hung out.... had fun...and yuppp... then i went home and took a shower. then i gotta phone call from my cuzin, then my aunt. then i called ozzy back bcuz he called me but i was on the phone with my aunt. and he sounded mad/upset.....so that made me really sad. like you have NO idea. but thats how it was. so i listened to my wonderful sad chinese music. it always makes me cry, and went to bed with upset thoughts...((hoping that tomorrow would bring a better day))

well school sucked. i mean theres not much to say. but right when i got home, ozzy was there to pick me up. his sister was there too. yeah Ozzy didnt seem too happy. i was a lil worried. then he had to go to his court hearing thingy, so me and his sister stayed in the car for like an hour. we talked. i got to kno her better. shes a really cool person. well then we went back to his house. and we talked and watched some movies. then we slept for like an hour and a half. and then by the time we woke up i had to leave. so his mom took me home we talked in the car as usual whenever she takes me home. i love his mom, shes a wonderful person. but yeah anyways. when i got home. i couldnt call ozzy bcuz he was still pretty sleepy/tired when i left. so i let him sleep. i went to bed early. but i took a shower and went to bed.

well... school was alright. we had a 1/2 day because theres like parent/teacher conferences today so i dint feel like gettting really dressed. so i wore just an ugly shirt and some sweat type pants to school and dint do my makeup. (yeah i looked hideous) oh and damn im so not doing so hott in school. i got like no so good grades. its really dissappointing. but yeah. thats how it goes sometimes i guess. buht yeah. well i came home and i ate like more then 1/2 of a 13.5 oz bag of sun chips and drank some orange faygo. had 4 tagalong cookies. and some vitamin water. it was all good. but i gotta go and work out a lil later. just to burn it all off. you kno how it is. well i dont kno whats going on for the rest of the day. but ill probably update later tonight, since i dont have school tomorow. ill be up all night. whoowwhoo... lol... OH YEAH BTW...I LOVE OZZY!!
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