I love You Ozzy (unluvedbia) wrote,
I love You Ozzy

its one of THOSE long week updates

wow, i seriously havnt updated this for like the longest time.. well maybe not that long, just since monday. hm...well... let update all you people on what happened this week:

well i went to Detroit with my mom, sister, and dad and they paied bills and crap while i walked around and took pics. well then we went and bought some "grocery stuff" then headed to this "fancy dancers" store to get my sister some hip hop shoes. shes a cutie. well then i called Ozzy and we talked. i went to LakeSide later that day around like 5 i think. and i told Ozzy to meet me up there. Ray came too. i bought some cutesy clothes. $120 in all for like 4 tops. i need to get some much needed pants and some sexy....lol... jk... well then me and ozzy and ray shopped around for a few hours. then i left at around idn cant remember waht time. but i had a good time.

that day was a lil dissappointing. i was supposed to go hang out with Ozzy that day. but it ended up not happening bcuz he had to get forms filled out and stuff so he could go back to ROSEVILLE. yup. thats ok. i got to talk to him on the phone at least. that made me feel good!

well this day sucked ass. until afterschool that is. i went over Ozzys house. it was fun. i met his sister. shes nice, then that was pretty much it. we talked and chilled and had "fun" lolz...jk..but we did have fun.

what can i say. this was definently an emotional day. we did that challenge day thing at school. and i didnt exspect to react as i did. and thanks for all you who was there for me. i love you all.

well afterschool i didnt get to hangout with ozzy bcuz i had to go to Charmains with my sister and her friend so i could take some pics. it was fun. the lil kids are soooo cute. and they dance so wonderfully

then at 8 Hannahs mom came to pick them/us up and we went to McDonalds. i gotta OREO MCFLURRY everyone knows how i love those. =)

today was a rough day. i mean i dint exspect to be sad at all. i mean i gotta great guy who loves me so much. and i have..... (-------) hmm... i guess i only got him. oh yeah and theres my sisters who i love dearly. but otherwise. i have noone. *tears* eh... oh well. who says i need that much love. i got enought from them. well this is how things went today....BORING

later tonight...maybe going bowling if i can get my dumb parents to let me go. eh... unfairness. i hate it.

well comment if you may

I LOVE THIS GUY NAMED OZZYwith all my heart
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