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[15 Apr 2005|02:21pm]
hey guess what my livejournal fans? im back. and i still live this same boring life buht oh well. things have changed soo much since my last entry in here. buht theres no need to tell of it. well toodoles
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bye bye live journal... [25 Mar 2005|11:22am]
well i think im gunna stop using live journal for now. but i do have another journal at XANGA. so do check it out to see the update of my life. the links down below,


dont worri ill return to live journal again sometime...
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[20 Mar 2005|04:47pm]
hm...well today was boring. i sat at home all day. didnt really do much. layed down, went online, and talked on the phone. im waiting for my cuzin and sister to get back and gunna see if they can take me to bestbuy or somewhere to getta digital camera. i saw one there that was like $550 and i wanna get it. its sweet looking. lol. well ill update later.... im so...lonly..
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[19 Mar 2005|10:59pm]
[ mood | creative ]

hm....tonight wasnt bad. went to work. yeah i was tired as fuck. and then i talked to annie and si. si even sang to me to make me feel better. whatta nice guy. boy do i love him. and annie, dang shes like the best girl friend i kno! i love her so much. and then i was packing soup for someone and i spilled it on my hand. omg it hurt like a bitfh and i have a bubble on my hand to prove it. and then terry and his girl mel came in. we talked and chilled. then i came home and took a shower. and now here just talking to LIEN on AIM. i love her too.

i miss my boyfriend. i havnt seen him since tuesday....thats like almost 5 days. and i cant do nething but cry. and in 3 months ill probably never see him... damn life sucks....


Hugs and Kisses

MY LIFES TURNED BAD [18 Mar 2005|10:47pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

omg.... i got the worst new tonight. i think im goign to DIE!!!! my hearts been ripped out and beaten to a pulp. i just love him too much to let him leave just like that. someone help me. i cant do nething to phsycally hurt myself because people will kill me for doing that. i just wanna cry myself dead

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[17 Mar 2005|08:51pm]
[ mood | blah ]

hmm...things are alright again. turns out i gotta work tomorrow. *sighs* its not that i dont wanna see Annie and SI, its just that its my sisters 14th birthday tomorrow and we were going to go out. bummed about it. but oh well. who cares what i want!

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[17 Mar 2005|03:12pm]
[ mood | sad ]

OMG I WANNA CRY!!!!!!!!!

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=) [16 Mar 2005|11:52am]
life is going sooo......GREAT
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baby its so simple [14 Mar 2005|03:17pm]
ok so my weekend was alright. i just stayed home on friday and worked on saturday and sunday i went over my cousins house for her 18th birthday! then i came home and did my homework til 12 and went to bed around 12:30. yup.

so today:

well i dont kno whats going on yet. i might end up going to the mall with my mommy, haha mommy. wow. well yeah i got some clothes i wanna buy and she has money, and i gotta getta new bikini. even tho i have like 3, but they are old now. so yeah. i llove new and expensive clothing. yup... well ive probably said this about a million times today so lets make it a million and one. i MISS ozzy. ah i havnt seen him in oh so long. its been like years...well actually 4 days to be persice. yup. well i think this is the end of my entry for now or until later when i decided to update.
Hugs and Kisses

..i smile when i get your phone call at night.. [12 Mar 2005|10:42am]
wow. i woke up early today taking that i went to sleep at 1. im really bored tho, there is like nothing to do. and there is seriously nothing to eat, i ate everything yesterday. i can like already feel my stomach eating itself. it like whoa. but yeah. im currently watching "THE FIRST KID" see how bored i am i gotta resort to the tv. blah. well at least i get to go to work today and see annie, my highlight of the weekend.

eh, im going to go watch tv, and maybe mae myself some food, since im hungry...you kno what that means..
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ever since the day that i met you... [11 Mar 2005|06:41pm]
[ mood | full ]

wow, this weekend went by soo fast. i mean i remember it being sunday and wishing it was tuesday so that i could see my baby. but omg its already friday. but fridays kinda suck. there is absolutly nothing to do. im so dead serious. well what did i do today...well i ate about like the most food i have ever eaten.

i ate:
* instent noodles
* bag of BBQ fritos
* chinese noodles
* a few pieces of fruit cake
* one bottle of diet cherry vanilla dr pepper
* a bottle of berry propel water
* 2 cans of pop
* and some chocolatechip cookie dough and brownie ice cream

wow thats alot, like seriously, i feel so fat. but thats ok. =) (ill probably end up eating more later on tonight too)

well this weekends a lil buzy for me. saturday i go to work. and then sunday going over my cuzins and then out to eat for her 18th birthday! dang shes getting old. oh well. i still love her. then my sisters 14th birthday is next friday. hopefully doing something then too.

i dont get to see my baby til tuesday. hes at his cuzins. dang I MISS HIM SOO MUCH RIGHT NOW
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beautiful dreamers [09 Mar 2005|06:09am]
[ mood | crazy ]

whoa, its like early. i woke up at 5 and typed up some stuff for american history. now is already 6:09 am, im going to go get ready for schoolio...

Hugs and Kisses

HAPPY ONE MONTH! [07 Mar 2005|04:54pm]
hm... this weeks me boring. i worked and stayed home and ate.

today is my g*pas bday.l so my cuzins are all coming over for a feast, whoop whoop not only is it his bday but is also myne and Ozzys ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY!! i cant believe its already been a month, i still remember when i first met him. and over this past month with him, my lifes been soo great. i couldnt ask for a better boyfriend. i love him so much. well anyways other for the happyness my mom is effing pissing me off. omg. im so dang serious. im about to just hit her. gezz..

ah well updating it later.

i get to spend the day with my baby tomorrow! yess!!!!!
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eh..i hate this hurt feeling [05 Mar 2005|11:34am]
ooh la la. its a new layout for my journal. coutesy of my sister and myself. like seiously it would of looked like shit if she didnt help me with it.

well yesterday was boring. i slept most of the time and just sat around in bed and thinked. i got my nails done. and boy is it hard to type and they sorta hurt. is that normal? oh well then i talked to ozzy for a lil bit. i think hes still mad at me. or something, idn.

tooday theres not much to do. im bored. and going to work at 3:45. well im out.
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...cry away the pain you feel... [04 Mar 2005|11:40am]
[ mood | sad ]

see the entry subject, thats that way i was ALL night. and part of today. well. i didnt have school today bcuz Frasers cool like that. but my sisters and brother had school tho. im SPECIAL. but yeah. its been a really boring day. i work up like earier then i wanted to at like 9, and then i went online did some stuff and just sat around. who cares right? not me of course. then i just ate like 5 bowls of icecream with sunchips bcuz im so depressed about everything that happened last night. i seriously thougth of just killing myself, but ill save everyone the tears and let myself die naturally. you kno. well then i made myself some pasta stuff (from a box) it wasnt that good. so i only had like 7 bites of it. i kno im a waster what can i say. but yeah. i dont kno what im doing the rest of the day. some ppl wanna go out, but i dont kno if im in the MOOD to go out today. i just wanna sit at home curled up in a ball and lay in bed, listen to my sad music and just cry away the pain. omg i sound so EMO. but im not EMO.

man, i always do this. i cant help but speak my mind with my boyfriend. i mean i love him to death. and last night. damn. i need to stop telling him what to do and all that ohter shit. i cant stand him being mad at me. it beaks my heart like seriously. last night we were talking and i guess it was my fault i sayd something that wasnt that good and that upset him. so yeah. i told him i loved him and he dint say it back. like OMG that seriously killed me. it brought me to tears. and just writing about it now is making me CRY. omg amanda get a hold of yourself. dang im talking to myself. this is so NOT normal. maybe ill just give him time. but i miss him so much and i love him so much i just dont think he understands how much i do really care for him. its just heartbreaking to kno that.....

ah, gotta get a tissuse.

ok i think this is the end of my update. ill update later maybe.

well commment if you wanna

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the sun rose and its still shining [03 Mar 2005|12:43pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

well i havnt updated since *checking last entry* 09:42pm 27/02/2005 wow. that was a whiles ago. but well. lifes still great. i mean i cant complain. but lets start off with how things went this week.....well....

well i went to school. it was alright. i went down to the student services place in B house, bcuz Ms. Kovacs wanted to talk to me. it was a good talk. i mean i got to miss like 45 mins of DESIGN FOR LIVING i mean i felt bad i left daneila by herself. but it was soo good talking. i didnt get to see ozzy bcuz my dumb parents were home, so i went shopping. i went with my lil sister and he freind since i was the "babysitter" meaning i had to waste my shopping time and watch them two. eh. but oh well. i went to like everysingle store in the mall and i only bought two things in the last store i went into ... BEBE... aka. my FAVORITE store. spend a quick $78 on two shirts. i wanted a pair of shorts there too. but they dint have any smalls...only LARGES. oh well ill get them another day. they were REALLY cute. but then i went to subways bcuz im a pig and got some food and headed home. took a shower and ended my night with a phone call to my baby.

hmm... well school was long. i went down to student services twice today. i talked to Mrs. Colby and Mr. Tassioi or i dont kno how to spell his name. but yeah. it was alright. didnt have that much to talk to them about as i did with the one yesterday but oh well. hm.... afterschool.... i left with Ozzy, we hung out.... had fun...and yuppp... then i went home and took a shower. then i gotta phone call from my cuzin, then my aunt. then i called ozzy back bcuz he called me but i was on the phone with my aunt. and he sounded mad/upset.....so that made me really sad. like you have NO idea. but thats how it was. so i listened to my wonderful sad chinese music. it always makes me cry, and went to bed with upset thoughts...((hoping that tomorrow would bring a better day))

well school sucked. i mean theres not much to say. but right when i got home, ozzy was there to pick me up. his sister was there too. yeah Ozzy didnt seem too happy. i was a lil worried. then he had to go to his court hearing thingy, so me and his sister stayed in the car for like an hour. we talked. i got to kno her better. shes a really cool person. well then we went back to his house. and we talked and watched some movies. then we slept for like an hour and a half. and then by the time we woke up i had to leave. so his mom took me home we talked in the car as usual whenever she takes me home. i love his mom, shes a wonderful person. but yeah anyways. when i got home. i couldnt call ozzy bcuz he was still pretty sleepy/tired when i left. so i let him sleep. i went to bed early. but i took a shower and went to bed.

well... school was alright. we had a 1/2 day because theres like parent/teacher conferences today so i dint feel like gettting really dressed. so i wore just an ugly shirt and some sweat type pants to school and dint do my makeup. (yeah i looked hideous) oh and damn im so not doing so hott in school. i got like no so good grades. its really dissappointing. but yeah. thats how it goes sometimes i guess. buht yeah. well i came home and i ate like more then 1/2 of a 13.5 oz bag of sun chips and drank some orange faygo. had 4 tagalong cookies. and some vitamin water. it was all good. but i gotta go and work out a lil later. just to burn it all off. you kno how it is. well i dont kno whats going on for the rest of the day. but ill probably update later tonight, since i dont have school tomorow. ill be up all night. whoowwhoo... lol... OH YEAH BTW...I LOVE OZZY!!

Hugs and Kisses

&&~my perfect day gone WRONG~&& [27 Feb 2005|09:42pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

well today i woke up major earily. well more like 10. so i watched tv. like all those lil kiddy shows. LOL bcuz im cool like that. well i was like all happy and stuff bcuz i was exspecting to see my baby today. but yeah i ended up not getting to. i was soo bummed. i havnt seen him since.....WEDNESDAY....(i think)...ok its driving me INSANE! but, anyways...

....my cuzin came over. and we chillled. we went to mijers and was there for like 1hr30mins. i spent like 35 dollars there on food and oh hair stuff. then we went to famvid, we got i love huckabees. it was a WEIRD MOVIE, and i got a box of tagalongs from some Girl Scouts outside of famvid. well that was pretty much my day. eat and watch movies. and i took some really great pics on my phone...well funnie ones at least.

well tomorrow is going to be another one of those waste of my time boring days. i hate those. dang.

I MISS OZZY! 4 days have gone by...and its driving me bonkers! ah.

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_::_its the first of the two weekend entries_::_ [27 Feb 2005|12:28am]
well its saturday, i woke up early today. and just sat around, ran, did some homework and did NOTHING. omg it was sooo boring. i sware it was. and then at like 3:45 i left and headed to work. got there at like um... 4. and then worked. Annie came in at 4:30 like always. we talked, "BOYS ARE ASSHOLE" but "there are those decent ones out there too" yup, then we ate dinner. had some lo mein NO MEAT in it and Kathy made us some strawberry dacqueries. too bad no alcohal annie. lol. but we ate and her mom came and got her at about 9:30. i was there til 10. then my dad had to go to mijers bcuz my mom told him to go buy some stuff. so i sat in the car for like 45 mins. boy was i freezing. so i called Ozzy in that 45 minutes of waiting in the car. i missed him too much today. i only talk to him for like less then an hour all togeter today. Makes me sad. well then i got home at like i dont even remember. and i took a shower and came online. first person i talked on AIM was ANNNIE. and then....i just did some homework. well ill probably finish all my homework and then head to bed or give Ozzy a call.

(-tomorrow im gunna go and hangout with ozzy, boy do i love him-)

i have never been soo happy in my life in a long time. i thought that losing my 2 bestfreinds would of been hard. but it doesnt prove much of anything. you lose friends and you make NEW ones. thats how life goes. you lose some things and then you get new ones. but it does make me think. what really sticks around forever? oh well. thats how life is and you gotta live with it. and im happy. i dotn think i'd change what happend. but oh well. all i gotta say is SMILE BECAUSE NOTHING IS GOING TO MAKE ME FROWN NOMORE...and its thanks to you BABY, i love you with all my heart!!
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its one of THOSE long week updates [25 Feb 2005|04:16pm]
wow, i seriously havnt updated this for like the longest time.. well maybe not that long, just since monday. hm...well... let update all you people on what happened this week:

well i went to Detroit with my mom, sister, and dad and they paied bills and crap while i walked around and took pics. well then we went and bought some "grocery stuff" then headed to this "fancy dancers" store to get my sister some hip hop shoes. shes a cutie. well then i called Ozzy and we talked. i went to LakeSide later that day around like 5 i think. and i told Ozzy to meet me up there. Ray came too. i bought some cutesy clothes. $120 in all for like 4 tops. i need to get some much needed pants and some sexy....lol... jk... well then me and ozzy and ray shopped around for a few hours. then i left at around idn cant remember waht time. but i had a good time.

that day was a lil dissappointing. i was supposed to go hang out with Ozzy that day. but it ended up not happening bcuz he had to get forms filled out and stuff so he could go back to ROSEVILLE. yup. thats ok. i got to talk to him on the phone at least. that made me feel good!

well this day sucked ass. until afterschool that is. i went over Ozzys house. it was fun. i met his sister. shes nice, then that was pretty much it. we talked and chilled and had "fun" lolz...jk..but we did have fun.

what can i say. this was definently an emotional day. we did that challenge day thing at school. and i didnt exspect to react as i did. and thanks for all you who was there for me. i love you all.

well afterschool i didnt get to hangout with ozzy bcuz i had to go to Charmains with my sister and her friend so i could take some pics. it was fun. the lil kids are soooo cute. and they dance so wonderfully

then at 8 Hannahs mom came to pick them/us up and we went to McDonalds. i gotta OREO MCFLURRY everyone knows how i love those. =)

today was a rough day. i mean i dint exspect to be sad at all. i mean i gotta great guy who loves me so much. and i have..... (-------) hmm... i guess i only got him. oh yeah and theres my sisters who i love dearly. but otherwise. i have noone. *tears* eh... oh well. who says i need that much love. i got enought from them. well this is how things went today....BORING

later tonight...maybe going bowling if i can get my dumb parents to let me go. eh... unfairness. i hate it.

well comment if you may

I LOVE THIS GUY NAMED OZZYwith all my heart
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YAY!!!!!!!!!!! [21 Feb 2005|06:35am]
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